The Quinta Ribeira do Labrador Pets Hotels allows

  • Dogs with weight until 15 Kilos. Above 15 Kilos  only Labradors and Golden Retriever. Females (sterilized or not). Males only sterilized. Exceptions concerning weight and race can be evaluated in a case by case basis. 
  • Actualized Microchip register.

  • Complete and up-dated vaccines.

  • Up-dated deworming: internal and external. 

  • Vaccines: Pneumodog e Nobivac KC - obligation of one of the two vacines with at least one week date (never more than 11 months) of the entrance date in the hotel. 

The Hotel Quinta Ribeira do Labrador does not accept:

  • Dogs with races classified as dangerous including shepherds (for example German and Belgium shepherds).
  • Dogs with anxiety problems, aggressive or hyperactive. Not used or with difficult relationships with other dogs or human beings.

  • If after check-in, the dog behaviour can put in dangerous the happiness and wellbeing of the pet, the owner will be immediately informed to proceed to the pick-up. 

NOTE: For the transition will be done as smooth as possible, we advise to bring your own bed, pillow and food. Medical, doctor and treatments are not included. 

We have:

  • DGAV Licence nº PT 3 285 FL - Hotel
  • Certificate Vet.

  • Animal Institute Certificate Staff.

We love dogs, our mission is to offer an happy stay to your pet, that minimize the lack of love, care and comfort that the owner offers to the pet in a daily basis, in the end, holidays in high style. We wish that your pet would leave our hotel with wonderful memories that he or she asks you to come back and to stay with us another time.